We’ve made some changes to our operation due to COVID-19.
Taking in is now by appointment only to make sure we don’t have customers queuing in the taking in room. Our staff are behind glass screens and the shop is arranged to give as much space to customers as possible. We will endeavour to take 10 items per customer during one appointment (20mins approx) but bring some more in case we turn any away for any reason.
We take in Mon-Fri 9am-1pm. Give us a call on 01344 625420 to make an appointment.
 Each item will be steamed before it enters the shop floor but we have to be stringent in asking you to make sure your items are already clean and ready to wear. For shoppers we have hand sanitizer on entry which we encourage you to use before handling our stock. You can try items on but you need to hand any unwanted items to a member of staff. This allows us to remove the item and put it through our steaming process again before it is put back on the shop floor. Shoppers can also order items online and opt to either have it delivered or pick up in store. Really appreciate the support we’ve had from all our customers and look forward to seeing you again soon. Jeremy